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Build A Better
Real Estate Business.
The Right Way.

Discover how to shave 10 years off the learning curve, establish ‘recession proof’ fundamentals in your business, and create deal flow regardless of what the economy does.

Real Estate Investing is a lot like navigating a minefield.

One wrong step is all it takes to bankrupt your business.

In a moment, all your hard work, your credit, your reputation and the financial security you’re building for yourself and your family can vanish right before your eyes.

And there are a lot of savvy business owners out there who know that. So they created masterminds to sell you on the idea of how easy it can be.

But there’s one big problem.

Often times these masterminds are run by people who aren’t actively investing in Real Estate. They don’t have skin in the game.

How much sense does it make to learn from someone who isn’t in the trenches with you?

Great question, I would want to know the same thing if I were in your shoes.

So here’s the truth… 2008 took everything away.

I was broke.

And when I say broke, I mean BROKE.

The kind of broke where you have to choose between groceries and the electric bill some weeks.

I was two million dollars in debt and couldn’t find a job. I was living in the aftermath of the housing market crash.

Here’s a few really dark moments that stood out to me:

I would grocery shop with a calculator in hand so that I wouldn’t embarrass myself at the checkout.
On more than one occasion, I pulled up and bought a single gallon of gas with QUARTERS, just to get the kids to the sitter.
I once placed a $20 order in a packed Taco Bell as a treat for my family, and had my card declined. I mistakenly thought I had money on this credit card, but, it turns out, “available” balance and actual balance are two different things. With no money to pay for the order, I had to round up my family and leave.

Looking back, I can see exactly where I went wrong. I didn’t know who, or what, to say ‘no’ to.

I followed the WRONG people, implemented the WRONG advice, and built my business the WRONG way.

My family and I paid dearly for it. And I’m here to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to you.

By now you might be wondering…

So if Real Estate Investing
is a minefield
, how do you get through it safely?

Let me start by saying, I’ve been through a major market cycle and had my business and my confidence obliterated in the process.

Been there, done it, had to rebuild it.

I learned that in order to make it through a minefield you have to follow in the RIGHT footsteps.

Now my business is sound because I know who to trust and how to achieve long term business success.

It starts by surrounding yourself with the right minds to help you solve the problems holding you back from leveling up your business.

But I’m here to tell you, many of the Real Estate gurus out there are still hosting their masterminds and teaching shaky fundamentals because they don’t make their money by investing in real estate.

I’m not willing to stand by and watch the same thing that happened to me, happen to you.

That’s why I created

The Inner Circle Elite is a mastermind for active real estate investors who want to get rich from real estate the right way and grow their business through sound fundamentals, training, education, and with a community of true real estate experts.

So how is The Inner Circle Elite different than other masterminds?

First and foremost, nobody can write a check and expect to join.

And unlike other masterminds we don’t focus on exercises that don’t get you any traction in your own business.

Let’s get real for a minute… hotseats get old. There’s only so much you can learn by listening to the same people repeat the same stuff over and over again before you tune out.

What happens is you end up socializing instead of learning what you can do right now to build your deal flow and your pipeline.

You won’t be hooked up to a fire hose, you’ll get actionable information that you need to make the income you’re after in your business.

It doesn’t matter if your goals are to create a lifestyle business or become the next real estate mogul making billions.

This group is for serious real estate investors ONLY who have spent time in the trenches and know what it’s like to close real estate deals, manage expectations, and learn and grow from their experiences.

We don’t let anyone in who isn’t actively investing in real estate.

What’s more, you can expect to shave 10 years off the learning curve, establish ‘recession proof’ fundamentals in your business, and create deal flow regardless of the economy.

And me and why team of expert advisors are to help you do exactly that.

You can rest easy knowing I vet all my advisors to make sure they have sound businesses, built on sound business practices. You’ll get the very best.

In order to make they cut, they have to check the following boxes:

Believe me when I say, I’ve worked with them, I know their character, and they set the standard all advisors MUST meet in order to be allowed into The Inner Circle Elite. It’s time to meet your experts:


I am an entrepreneur to the core, and I love making deals. My why’s run deep, and in a lot of ways, they are complex. The foundation of who I am is built by my desire to change and impact the lives of my children and the people around me. I have come from nothing, built, and lost everything, and rebuilt it again. I have a burning desire to create wealth and a life for my children I never had. Bottle all of it together, and you have the perfect storm for massive action. I truly love what I do because real estate investing has given me a purpose driven life, as well as the time and freedom to enjoy my children. It has given me the chance to live life on my terms, and I honestly cannot imagine doing anything else. Real estate investing has genuinely changed my life for the better, and it’s my mission to help others do the same.


Mike Cowper started investing in Real Estate at the end of 2014. Since then, he has been able to participate in over 400 transactions utilizing his exceptional sales skills to find and create winning situations with sellers. Mike is the Co-Owner of Return on Investments, a wholesaling company that currently focuses on Metro Detroit, Michigan. Mike understands what it takes to get started in Real Estate Investing as well as grow it into a business model that serves the lifestyle the owner wants to create.

Make no mistake, if you’re looking to join the biggest mastermind real estate has to offer… this isn’t for you. The Inner Circle Elite won’t be the biggest, but it will be the best. That requires building the right group so the value doesn’t get watered down. There are plenty of other groups out there for you to join so we’re going to work ourselves to the bone to make sure we’re on the top of the list. Here’s what you get with your membership to The Inner Circle Elite:

Upcoming Mastermind Event



October 8th & 9th, 2020

4 in-person meetings a year – You’ll gain real-life access to a community of the best and brightest business minds in real-estate investment

2 live calls a month – It’s all about accountability and keeping perspective. Your 2 live calls/month will keep you focused while providing you with concrete support so you’re always moving forward.

Access to our private Facebook group – Experience an exclusive network of business professionals sharing real-time strategies and info 24/7

300+ documents we use in our daily business – Plus… you’ll get access to our Membership site with info packed recorded calls

2 tickets to Flip Talk Live 2021 – The All-Star weekend of real estate investors. You’ll meet the people you want to meet, build lasting relationships, and develop the cornerstone for reaching a new level of entrepreneurial real-estate success

Your membership gets you discounts from some of the top service providers in the industry. These discounts alone will pay more than your membership

Helping you build a better business, not necessarily a bigger business

I know masterminds are game changers but what if this isnt a fit for me?

During your FIRST DAY of the Event, if you sincerely feel the Inner Circle Elite is a waste of your time and you aren’t receiving massive value from our time together, the Inner Circle Elite will immediately reimburse your seat deposit and you will be excused. If, for any reason, we choose not to extend a membership to you or should you choose not to accept – there is no further commitment or sales pitch. It’s that simple.

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