Inner Circle Elite Mastermind Agreement 


I accept the invitation to join the Inner Circle Elite Mastermind presented by Flip Talk and commit to working with total integrity, honesty, and confidentiality with other members. Masterminding with the best of the best is a key component to success. Unlike a class or a product that you might purchase, the Inner Circle Elite Mastermind program is not a stand-alone product that can be consumed at your discretion. It is a community that’s value and effectiveness is intrinsically and indivisibly linked to its members. Masterminds are often credited with being a key factor in the success for business and thought leaders. The Inner Circle Elite Mastermind can be your fast track to new levels of success. 

As an Inner Circle Elite Mastermind program member, you are authorizing Flip Talk to charge your card(s) as indicated on your application for membership into the mastermind. You are also committing to working with total integrity, honesty, and confidentiality with other members of your mastermind program. 

You are committing to an enrollment deposit of $5,000 (USD) the date approved and joined followed by 12 payments billed each month via credit card or ACH (starting 30 days after your deposit). Payment is due upon your acceptance of this agreement unless otherwise agreed to by. Flip Talk, Inner Circle Elite reserves the right to terminate or suspend any delinquent member’s account. 

You are solely and completely responsible for any indebtedness incurred as a result of entering into this agreement. You are responsible for the complete and total balance amount due to Flip Talk, Inner Circle Elite Mastermind. You also agree to keep your contact information and credit cards up to date and that you understand late fees may be assessed for declined payments if not addressed within 48 hours of decline.

By signing this agreement, you are committing to a full twelve (12) month period in the program from the date of signature. If for any reason, you choose to remove yourself from the program prior to the end of the twelve (12) month program date, you are obligated to pay or continue paying any outstanding balance(s) for the entire twelve (12) month period. All payments made are non-refundable, regardless of meetings attended. Further, you understand and acknowledge that Flip Talk, Inner Circle Elite Mastermind and any of its representatives, officers, or members make no promises, guarantees or other claims regarding any results that may be obtained from the mastermind. Flip Talk, Inner Circle Elite Mastermind may connect members to other members or former members and is not liable for the results of any transactions or investments between members or former members of the Inner Circle Elite Mastermind.

Any and all claims, testimonials or other representations relating to income earnings should not be considered as average earnings or typical results. Participants’ results will vary depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to personality, open-mindedness, willingness to follow instructions, performance of recommended tasks, and participation in all follow-up exercises, and that all actions and results are up to you. 

Flip Talk, Inner Circle Elite Mastermind has sole discretion to terminate this agreement and remove any participant from continuing in the program at any time without a refund if the participant is disrupting the program or is difficult to work with, becomes difficult to work with, or violates the confidentiality agreement. If the Flip Talk, Inner Circle Elite Mastermind terminates the agreement and the participant is on any type of payment plan, the participant will no longer be charged.

This Agreement is specifically drawn for these Parties, and neither Party may directly or indirectly assign or transfer it by operation of law or otherwise without the prior written consent of the other Party, which may be withheld in such Parties sole discretion. Subject to the foregoing restriction, this Agreement is binding upon and inures to the benefit of the Parties and their heirs, executors, legal and personal representatives, successors and assigns.