Are you ready to surround yourself with like minded people who understand where you are at and where you are going?


The Inner Circle Elite is here to impact your life and your business, and help you get to where you need to go.

What all do I get when I join?

Make no mistake, if you’re looking to join the biggest mastermind real estate has to offer… this isn’t for you.

The Inner Circle Elite won’t be the biggest, but it will be the best.

That requires building the right group so the value doesn’t get watered down. There are plenty of other groups out there for you to join so we’re going to work ourselves to the bone to make sure we’re on the top of the list.

Here’s what you get with your membership to The Inner Circle:

  • Four live mastermind events each year (three state side and one destination location - First meeting: November 4th - 5th, San Antonio, Texas)
  • Each mastermind includes the VIP experience: 2 full day mastermind sessions, 5 star accomodations, group excursions and activites, awesome swag, a networking cocktail event.
  • We cap membership in each market
  • Protecting the integrity and value of the group by restricting access - no pay to play, members must qualify
  • Access to private Facebook groups and private members area - you’ll get continued support from a community of go-givers all year
  • Discounts from leading vendors to help you grow your business
  • Our commitment to helping you build a better business, not necessarily a bigger business


At the end of your first Inner Circle Elite meeting, we’ll have a simple conversation. You will not be sold or pressured. Period. We may choose to invite you to become a member based upon our “trial run” together. You may accept the invitation or not.
If for any reason we choose not to extend a membership to you or should you choose not to accept, there is no further commitment or sales pitch. It’s that simple.
During your FIRST DAY of the Event, if you sincerely feel the Inner Circle Elite is a waste of your time and you aren’t receiving massive value from our time together we will immediately reimburse your seat deposit and you will be excused.


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